182 "For Whom the Cheese Strings"
February 10, 2014

Few things are as frustrating as string cheese that resists a proper stringing. Not to say that there are few things more frustrating than it. Maybe it isn't the degree to which it's frustrating, but more of a specific category of frustration. Look, it isn't very fun, okay?

When it comes to string cheese, you've got your two camps: your stringers and your biters. I've been a stringer my entire life, and for a good chunk of that time the thought of biting didn't even occur to me as a possible thing. I mean, the verb is right in the name; my understanding was that it was crafted to be strung, so you string. It's one of the few interactive snacks, and I took full advantage of that, often seeing how thin I could string those strings. Really just milking that snack for all it's worth.

I see the advantages of the straight-forward bite technique. It's quick and it's efficient. Some people have things to do with their day other than eating cheese. They have jobs and families to attend to. Some could argue that it's a food and not a toy. I get that. I'll admit to biting my way through a string cheese stick or two in my day, but only when stringing has failed me. Because, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures.

On a totally unrelated note: when I updated the site, I had removed the RSS feed because I was mistakenly under the impression that it had broken a while ago anyway. No one noticed at first because ND was still pointing at its old hosting, which still had the RSS feed, and only when it finally switched over recently did it actually disappear. Apparently, more people had been using it than I thought. It's back up now, though, so check it out if you like using feeds. I'll slap up a more permanent link on the main page here at some point.