181 "Evening Wear"
February 03, 2014

I think the general rule is that if they make it in your size, you can't be too old for it. In the case of footie pajamas, they at least make them damn hard to find. I scooped some up for myself a while ago and I believe it took me three hours and over ten stores to find some. That's right: I was shopping specifically for footie pajamas. They weren't something I came across and picked up. I hunted for them. I was not disappointed with the TMNT-themed pair I found.

I had a good run of twice a week going for a while there, but I dropped the momentum. The good news is that it was dropped because I'd been working on t-shirts, which I'd like to share with you in the near future! However, the momentum will probably continue to be dropped for a while here what with a new semester of school starting this week, in addition to some other things like working on the shirts. All this means is that we're probably going to be down to one comic a week and a second when I'm able to. If it gets any lower than that again I will be a very sad boy, and I know that will make for some very sad readers. Fear not, readers, for I have your best interests in mind at all times, like some sort of omniscient and omnibenevolent entity. But, kind of a sleepy one.