183 "A Conflict of Interest"
February 19, 2014

A belated Valentine's Day comic! Would've had it up earlier, but these past couple of days have been pretty busy for me.

Technopathic mutants have always been something that I've been slightly uncomfortable with (not that there are many that fit this particular bill to begin with). Being able to charge anything you touch with kinetic energy? Cool. Having eyes that are portals to a dimension that's apparently overflowing with concussive energy? Neat. Breaking down your body into dust-like particles which you can control and reconstruct at will? Sure, why not. But being able to naturally interface with mechanical constructs is where I find that my belief can no longer be suspended. It's too unnatural. Where would your DNA even begin to have the faintest idea of arranging itself in such a manner that it happens to grant you the ability to bend the functions of some manufactured apparatus to your will?

It's weird, man. It's WEIRD.