50 "The Ol' Switcheroo"
February 01, 2011

Not much new going on over here. This week is my first week of classes for the spring semester, so we'll see how much that interferes with updates. I really don't think that school should get in the way of comics too much, though.

In other news, this is the 50th strip of Nuclear Delight. Bet you didn't realize that. So I guess that's a pretty awesome accomplishment to some degree. Not "Strip #100" awesome, but still pretty good. Here's to 50 more.

Also, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the face-lift that the Fistful of Forums got recently. Coding by Luke and images by yours truly. And since you're going to be there, you may as well stick around and chat about Nuclear Delight, play some forum games, and engage in other general discussion. It's what all of the cool kids are doing.