49 "The Truth Hurts"
January 27, 2011

So there hasn't been an update in a long time again. This is due to a variety of reasons which range from "I've been playing too much Fallout 3" to "I'm having medical issues and am in no mood to make comics". There you go.

So in case you haven't heard the news, that Packers are going to the Super Bowl this year. Along with some other team who I guess has also been doing pretty good this season. I haven't seen the records, but it's something I feel I can safely assume. I'm really not a sports person, but I had said--to no one person in particular--that if the Packers went to the Super Bowl, I'd probably end up watching the game. The Super Bowl is made into a pretty big deal, and I don't think the Packers have been there since the late 90s, although I'm not going to bother myself with actually looking that up. I guess I feel some degree of "home team spirit" that insists I watch their Super Bowl game, for better or worse.

This isn't the first time I've made an exception to my general trend of non-sport-viewing. I also ended up watching a few of the World Cup games when it came down to the end, and had even picked a team during the time that I would've liked to see win. I also watched--albeit very half-assedly--a majority of the Rose Bowl, since Wisconsin's team was also involved in that game. Only when it became abundantly apparent that the Badgers were losing terribly and had no chance for a comeback did I close the stream.

Now then, with today's comic up, I think I'm going to go back to scavenging the Wastelands.