44 "SuperHebros"
December 19, 2010

I had been drawing Iron Man in a big collage I was doing for my art class, and one of my roommates thought I was going to be drawing Green Lantern because all I had down was a really lose outline for where Iron Man was going on the page, and the figure had a circle on its chest. Eventually, the conversation evolved into one where Iron Man and Green Lantern would be hanging out and exchanging friendship bracelets. I figured it was an idea everyone would be able to enjoy.

So finals ended up consuming a lot of my time last week, which is why--as I suggested might happen--there wasn't a comic up on Thursday. So I'm putting one up on Sunday to compensate, even though it is very late Sunday. But I'm aiming to pick my Tuesday/Thursday schedule again this upcoming Tuesday now that I'm on break. Look forward to it!