43 "Ebeneziology"
December 14, 2010

So we got our first decent snowfall this winter on Thursday afternoon. Not a whole lot, but enough. The real snow hit us over the weekend with a pretty nice snowstorm. "Nice" being used from the perspective of someone who might enjoy snow; I'm not such a big fan. Some people have wasted no time getting out in there and having a good time. Our neighbors, for instance, have constructed a nine-foot-tall snowman in their yard right in view from my window. Though lacking in coal, its face and torso-buttons are represented with empty beer bottles, and its thick branch arms hold an empty bottle of what looks to have at one point in time been filled with vodka. This is a snowman built by college party kids.

Although I'm sure no one notices a difference, this is the first comic I made that wasn't done in Photoshop. I've been trying out a different program called Manga Studio after doing some reading online, and I guess it's pretty widely praised as an excellent tool for making comics. While there are certainly things I prefer about it over Photoshop, my familiarity with Photoshop makes me feel like I'm a bit more limited in what I can do in general with Manga Studio. But I'll probably use MS for a bit and try to get a better feel for it before I go back to PS.

You may have caught on that I'm trying to get on a regular Tuesday/Thursday schedule with my comics, but if there isn't something up for Thursday, don't freak out. This is finals week, so there's a good chance that if a new comic isn't up, that means that I'm busy studying or writing a paper. There probably will be something up, but I just wanted to get that warning out of the way. Also, once finals are over, I'm probably going to try to get comics up on Sundays as well, if not regularly then at least occasionally.

Also: yesterday was the one year anniversary of Nuclear Delight! Doesn't even feel like it's been that long. Happy Birthday, ND.