216 "SquealerZ"
November 13, 2020

I've always held the idea of being a sports fan in a sort of romantic esteem; the passion for the game, the histories of players and teams, the lore of league relationships and rivalries, the comraderie between fellows fans-o-sports. But in practice I just can't bring myself to care about them, possibly to the detriment of my ability to make small talk with other human beings.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, on top of being a fun, well-crafted, and accessible game, is also just a lot of fun to watch, particularly as a fan of the show. Most button presses yield a stunning burst of eye-candy. It's fast-paced, flashy, and the attention to detail is pretty impressive. Even though an offline event wasn't possible to put together this year, the online championship is still a great time for spectators. Plus, watching fights where the participants are often moving too fast to track is the ultimate Dragon Ball experience.