186 "Holiday Sbeerit"
March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope everyone is celebrating responsibly by not drinking. It's Monday. Get back to work.

When it comes to my body's response to alcohol, I'm happy that I don't fall into the category of being a sad drunk. Instead, I'm an asshole drunk, which probably isn't preferable by a very large degree. Unfiltered, I will say things that will irritate you for no other purpose than to do it, and you shouldn't be surprised if I bring some sort of bodily harm upon you. In some cases I may vomit on your tent or bedroom floor (though I will always forget doing so literally the very next second). I've wrought physical pain on some of my closest friends, but I suppose those are the ones you'd want to do it to--they're more likely to forgive. Even though they probably deserved it at the time anyway.