185 "A Butter Solution"
March 10, 2014

The scooping game is all well and good until you start nearing the end of the jar. Or even worse, when the inside becomes a wasteland of tiny peanut butter dunes, each yielding a more pathetic return than the last. At that point the game stops being good and starts being aggravating.

Condiments like ketchup and mustard have been in squeezable containers for years. Jelly has even gotten in on the squeezing action. They have butter that comes out in a spray bottle. Don't tell me that we can't get peanut butter in one of those squeezable containers. "It's too thick," I hear some of you say. "You'd only get out the bit of peanut butter near the lid." If we put it in a ketchup-style container, I'd have to concede. The proper solution would be to put it in a crushable tube like toothpaste. It only makes sense.

What can I say, I'm an idea man. Solving the world's problems by introducing substances to their destined, more efficient containers one food at a time.