Fond Memories
by Isaiah on Tuesday August 02, 2011 at 12:00 am
So here it is: 100 strips of Nuclear Delight. I can't honestly say I expected to make it this far, given my previous record of never really following through with comics I've made in the past. I also didn't expect to ever get on a consistent schedule, and even though I've missed the deadlines a few times in the past, I'm really proud to say that I've updated twice a week every week since the end of January.

I'd like to take this space to thank everyone who reads ND, and everyone who has supported it. I wouldn't have thought that ND would get as popular as it has, even if it isn't even incredibly popular at all. I'd also like to thank Luke for hosting my comics, and all of my friends for helping provide the inspiration and humor in my life that occasionally makes its way into the comics. I really appreciate everyone who reads my strip, and I really hope that you've all been enjoying it as much as I enjoy making it.

And if you do enjoy it, I encourage you to show your support. And no, I'm not asking for your money or to spam links to the site on your favorite forums. There are a ton of easy ways to show your support, some of which you may already be doing. That's how easy they are. You're already doing them and you don't even know.
  • Send me an e-mail. I always respond to the e-mails I get from you guys, and I'm always super pumped about getting them. There are few things as awesome as strangers emailing you to let you know that they think something you made and put on the internet is cool.
  • Sign up for the forums. It may seem dead, but we do check there for new posts. It's hard to breathe life into a forum with only a handful of people, but with your help I'm sure it can turn into an awesome community. The forums aren't even strictly about Nuclear Delight, but that's where the ND forum happens to be as well.
  • Like the page on Facebook. There's a bunch of other classy dudes and dudettes there, too. There, you can see update notifications and stuff. It's also another potential venue for discussion among people who may have some similar interests. Go nuts. Also, I've got accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, and now Google+ that you can follow because sometimes I post things.
  • Tell a friend. Nuclear Delight doesn't advertise anywhere at the moment, so word-of-mouth is the only way it attracts new readers. Send your buddy a link to your favorite strip. Mention the site at a party. Show grandma or grandpa the one with the musical hobo-wagon so they can relive their childhood.
  • Just keep reading. It's nice to know that people read ND, and at the end of the day that's what I like. Not that my comic is as popular or moreso than some other webcomic, or that my number of visitors is increasing like a wildfire, but simply that there are other people out there who enjoy what I make. It's pretty fantastic.
In somewhat related news, I've been thinking about the possibility of making some shirts or something. If you think this is a rad idea and have suggestions for what you might like to see on a shirt, do one of those e-mail things I was talking about earlier.

And here's to 100 more!