97 "It Runs in the Family"
July 21, 2011

The past few days around here have been hot. Unreasonably hot. Yesterday we hit the triple digits. I imagine that for some places, that sort of weather is the norm. But considering how cold our winters are as well makes me kind of hate living in Wisconsin, as we have to deal with this kind of weather in the summer in addition to dealing with equally unreasonably cold days during the winter. Doesn't help that it's been raining pretty much every night, which makes for some humid days.

Because, you know, that's what really gets you.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to my good friend Luke. As mentioned in a post not too long ago, you may have seen his name elsewhere around the site. In case you've forgotten or were not yet aware, he's the dude who is letting me host this comic on his chunk of the internet. So here's to him: hope it's a good one. And I'll see you out at the bars tonight.