83 "Machismo"
June 02, 2011

Well, I kind of took an unscheduled break there I guess. I also broke my awesome streak of actually putting out two comics every week since the end of January. It was a good run, and I'm hoping to put up where I left off.

Snoop has this pretty awesome trick where if you pat your shoulders, he'll jump up and put his paws over your shoulders like he's hugging you. But since he's also an enormous great dane, it can be risky business to ask for a Snoop hug. This didn't happen when I gave him a goodbye hug, but he has accidentally punched me in the face before, and he packs quite a wallop.

Last week, three of my roommates moved out, which was a pretty sad day. I'm including Snoop in that count, too. My sister suggested doing a farewell comic for him, but I'm dedicating this one to Seb and Kaira, too. We'll all miss having you guys around.