73 "A Delicious Holiday"
April 23, 2011

A lot of people I've talked to about Peeps (which includes pretty much everyone I've talked to about Peeps) hate them. Which I find to be blasphemous, because I love them. If you aren't familiar with Peeps, they are essentially animal-shaped (traditionally bird or rabbit for Easter) globs of marshmallow covered in colored sugar. Writing that out, I guess I can understand why some people are surprised that I'm not diabetic by now.

Sorry about the delay on the comic. I usually draw them the night before the day they go up, but on Wednesday I forgot it was Wednesday until I was going to sleep, and Thursday was a pretty busy day for me, so it's going up today. I kind of enjoy the fact that my fanbase is not yet so large that anyone mentioned anything about the late comic (except for like, two or three people who know me personally giving me a hard time). Then again, if you follow my Twitter, I did have a notification about how the comic was going to be late. Twitter is nice for those kinds of things.