68 "Mousebusters"
April 05, 2011

This was Saturday evening at our house.

The first mouse we caught was still alive in the trap, so recovering the trap--which was shoved far underneath our dishwasher--was a delicate operation. We decided to show the little guy some mercy and ended up releasing him out by the street.

Also, after I had set an unusually sensitive mouse trap, I set it down on the table very gently. It ended up going off, and I got my hand out of the way just in time for the snapping metal to just barely graze the tip of one of my fingers. The next time I had looked at my hand, I realized that that graze had actually cut my finger, and I was bleeding. It was then that I realized those things mean serious business. The intensity of the statement had never really dawned on me before for whatever reason, but these things are literally designed to kill. Jeepers.