65 "Old News"
March 24, 2011

I despise small talk, and I'm not really sure why more people don't. Especially when the subject of discussion is the weather. I can't think of a day during which I was not aware of the weather at that point in time, or didn't have the means of finding out for myself. I think my annoyance was worse when it was a discussion with a customer, since I'm pretty sure most people forget that employees have houses and lifes outside of their workplace, as though they scurry into the basement when their shift is over.

Anyway, this week has been our spring break, and for a while there it was definitely feeling like it. But over the past two or three days, we've suddenly got a whole bunch of snow again out of nowhere, which is incredibly depressing considering that it was almost all gone at the beginning of the week. With any luck, it'll warm up again soon and the snow won't be around much longer.

And I will be aware of it when it happens.

I've recently been plowing through a lot of MS Paint Adventure's latest series, Homestuck, which is long enough now that trying to catch up from the very beginning is like some kind of cruel chore. But it helps that the comic is interesting and is also written and presented in an interesting way. Although the author has the plot planned out, he takes reader suggestions as to what should happen next (but sometimes takes the reigns again to keep everything on track). It's written much like a text adventure game and published on a frame-by-frame basis, with the occasional animated frame (which range from quick looping .gifs to full-out Flash animated scenes with music), and it often updates multiple times per day. Even after about 1,400 pages, I'm not even halfway through what's up so far, but I'd recommend it if you've got some time on your hands.