58 "Reality Check"
March 01, 2011

I think it is impossible for me to be impolite directly to strangers who aren't being dickheads. I guess the lesson to take away from this is that, even if I don't express it, it doesn't mean that I don't hate you.

This comic is taken directly from something that happened to me last week. And by "something" I mean "I overestimated my car's power and got stuck trying to go over a big pile of snow." Lots of people stopped and helped out for a bit before continuing on their way. Eventually someone drove up behind me and gently pushed my car out with their truck. Which was super good, because based on the area of snow that my car had been on, there was still a ton of digging that would've needed to be done to get my car out on its own.

In other news, a local band composed of three of my roommates and a friend of mine asked me to come up with a t-shirt design for them. I think it turned out pretty nicely, and they all liked it, too: see it for yourself. The band is called The Wampires, and even though there isn't much there to look at right now, their website is here.