54 "Reasons Like These"
February 15, 2011

Happy belated Valentine's Day. Or Singles Awareness Day, or whatever you celebrate. I never liked the wording of "Singles Awareness Day". To me, whenever there is an effort to spread awareness of something, that something is often undesirable, like breast cancer or autism, so it always sounds weird to me when people who take pride in their being single celebrate a day that aims to spread awareness of those who are single.

I went back to Photoshop for this comic, just for kicks. I might keep using it for a while because even though I don't think this turned out visually up to par with what I've been doing in Manga Studio, I know that there's more to Photoshop and its capabilities than what I'm using or even fully aware of. I've been playing around in it on and off pretty much all day to find little tricks and whatnot. I'm really just hoping to refine my skills with this software in order to create material that's closer to the level of some of the digital artists that I really admire.

Oh! I also made some Valentine's images yesterday. It's too late now, but you can always send them to your sweetie next year.