41 "Sweet Jams"
December 07, 2010

Something people should know about me is that I don't dance at concerts. Unless inebriated to a significant degree, my body simply doesn't move that way. What I will offer, however, is the bobbing of my head to the beat and a series of rhythmical pats on my legs. These are the actions I am capable of performing at such events. So when my associates mimic my actions in jest, or when the guitarist of the performing band comments "Isaiah doesn't look very enthused" during a song, there is little I can do about it. My non-dancing nature is not representative of the degree to which I'm enjoying myself, I just have more subtle ways to express my appreciation for certain things.

Four close friends of mine got together earlier this year to form a band, who played a show last Friday and are featured in today's comic. They refer to themselves as The Wampires. Aside from having a website (which hasn't been updated in a bit and also looks to be scheduled for reconstruction), they are also on Facebook, and I'm pretty sure they have a MySpace page. Links provided in hopes that you check them out. As far as I know, they don't have any original material and I'm not sure if they're planning on any anytime soon, but the covers they play are taken from a wide variety of genres and are performed very well.

Also, as an update from the last comic, my nose did indeed start spewing the blood/mysterious clear liquid combo again just as I had predicted. And it occured just as I had arrived at the aforementioned concert. I immediately fled the crowd with a friend, who had directed me to the nearest bathroom, into which I directed my brain leakage. But once again, after the fact, I felt much relief and could breathe through my nose once more. Pretty wacky stuff.

You may have noticed that the site is constantly being update with this and that. Luke got the RSS feed for the site working again, so if that's your preferred method, you can set that up here, or you can always click on the RSS icon tab on the main menu at the top of the page. He also whipped up some code for the little "Share this Comic" icons that are now featured at the bottom of every update. Now with the click of a button, you can share Nuclear Delight updates to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon. Pretty cool, huh?

Yes. It is. But you'll never know just how cool until you give them a try yourself: