190 "Pootrid Behavior"
April 11, 2014

So apparently Comic Isaiah is too good to scoop peanut butter out of a jar, but isn't above pooping on a bed. Good to know.

Still, I think it's a legitimate question. Where did the term "restroom" come from, and how did it get applied to bathrooms? I'm sure I could consult the butts, but that would take some degree of effort, and I'd rather speculate wildly than look things up. Besides, the internet lies. Really, I've always been a fan of "water closet". Say it once. It just feels right. Also it's pretty funny. I vote for water closet.

Also, sorry for the delay this week. I spent most of my free time last week--when I'd usually be drawing--playing Diablo III, since some friends suckered me into playing the Reaper of Souls expansion by getting it for me. If you had been a D3 fan and haven't checked it out yet, I'd recommend it. The new abilities, improved loot, and adventure mode really make it worth going back to. And after blowing that time playing video games, I had to scramble to get caught up with schoolwork and didn't have much left over for comics. I'm still hoping to get one done for Monday to get back on track, but time we'll see how that ends up going.