188 "Unquenchable"
March 28, 2014

While other people are spending their week of spring break going on fantastic vacations or spending every night getting rowdy, I've been here, making an extra comic this week (and getting a head start on Monday's), because I love you. That, and it's deeply rooted in my nature to put off important work until I'm motivated through pure anxiety from not having enough time left to get said work done. I've probably got a fun weekend ahead of me.

I've made some slight modifications to the site with this update, as you may have noticed if you're not using the RSS feed--the most noticeable being that I've widened the page a bit. I've been feeling a bit horizontally-cramped for a while with comic layouts. I've decided to remedy this by breaking out of the 800-pixel-width mold I've been following pretty consistently for the past four years to give myself a bit more room to play with. Though it probably doesn't seem like a big deal from your perspective, I've gotta say it feels pretty nice from where I'm sitting. I really didn't expect it, but that extra space feels like a blast of fresh air. Anyway! The other notable change is that I've added a button for the RSS feed on the "Follow ND" table below. Turns out a few people actually use that, and I did a terrible thing by removing it for a while there.

I'm planning on making a few more tweaks to the site eventually--nothing huge, considering I just revamped the place not long ago, but a few things I'd like to touch up. It's not high on my list of priorities, but they'll probably get done while I'm putting off more important things in the future.