174 "Tranquil Conditions"
January 06, 2014

If you haven't been here since the last comic, it's pretty apparent that the site got a haircut recently. Considering that it's been a while since the last major update to the look around here and that I'm trying to be more productive with ND in general, a redesign seemed appropriate--there were things on the old site that just seemed a little outdated. So take a look around; I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out.

The look isn't the only change, though. If you were waiting for the new donation pack(s), your wait is finally over. I got the December and January packs up a few days ago, so feel free to check those out. And if wallpapers aren't your fancy, don't forget that each pack comes with a new strip of A Much Better Webcomic, which--while short and sweet--I've been enjoying so far.

Now that the ball is rolling, my next goals are to get some shirt designs made and figure out commission pricing and such--though it may be a bit before I open that up here just yet, since I've already got a backlog of incoming requests for that.

Exciting things happening! Are you excited? I am. I'm excited.