155 "Heat of the Moment"
December 21, 2012

The old man has gotten craftier, that's for sure. It's a little bit early for a Christmas comic, especially given my record of annoyance at premature Christmas celebration, but that's because there's more where this came from. You're getting a Christmas bonus this year, in the form of comics. It won't put food on the table, but it will put laughter in your hearts. Or something to that extent, possibly.

As a Wisconsinite, you may have heard that we got dumped on by--I guess they were calling it "Blizzard Draco"? I don't really know about that. That isn't to say that we didn't get much snow. We went from having none to having around 8-10 inches worth pretty much overnight, from the numbers the internet is telling me. Which, really, is less of a big deal than some were making it out to be, and just more of an annoyance. You never really know how much of a pain in the ass it is to shovel that much snow out of your driveway until you're doing it. It was basically just getting the same amount of snow we'd usually get during winter, except all in one go. Thanks for being so impatient, winter.

If you haven't noticed already, then I apologize for bringing to your attention that Steam sales have started this year. I've already made a few purchases, but I can't imagine that I'm going to be going the rest of this sale without eventually picking up some other stuff. It's that time of year to stock up on more games that I'm not going to get around to playing anytime soon. You know, because I just love giving Steam all of my money.