153 "The Bear Plan"
December 13, 2012

The long-awaiting winter break is finally upon me, and it's pretty refreshing. Here's to more time with my good old friend, comics.

Also, probably some more Batman: Arkham City. I picked it up last year when it was on sale, but only got around to playing for two hours. In those two hours, my experience was apparently sour enough for me to leave it sitting in my library for almost an entire year, untouched. I decided to give it another go the other week, and I went through a complete change of heart. In that I've finished the normal campaign and new game plus mode, and have logged several hours in the combat challenges. Like, an absurd amount. Now I just have to wait for all that DLC to go on sale again this year and scoop those up immediately.

Also--and I can't believe this hasn't been done already--I'm throwing up link to Whomp! by Ronnie Filyaw in the links page. Hilarious tales of super awkwardness. If you haven't seen any of his comics, you're missing out on something great.