148 "Outsourcing"
July 12, 2012

Butts make things funnier. It isn't rocket science. It's more like... butt science.

After having it in my Steam library for, like, half a year, I've finally booted up Fallout: New Vegas. Boy howdy, is that a treat. I got pretty into Fallout 3, after having not played the first two Fallouts, and was for some reason skeptical of New Vegas. Probably because I thought it was just going to feel more like an expansion and just be the same game in a different setting. Which isn't too far from the truth, but when all is said and done I wouldn't be surprised if I enjoy it better than Fallout 3. So I'm going to crawl back into seclusion and play that for too long. If you ever miss comics, just imagine me playing New Vegas and how much fun I'm probably having, then imagine that you're having that much fun too, and before you know it you won't miss comics anymore! They call that the transitive property, I'm pretty sure. Look it up.

Speaking of Steam, the summer sale finally launched today. Check it out, blow all of your money on games (even that one that you aren't even interested in--come on it's like 75% off, why not?), and then weep when you realize you've spent all of this week's grocery money on GREAT STEAM DEALS!