138 "Handy Applications"
January 30, 2012

I would kind of like to know what this is about. I'm sure there's some way that faxes can be forwarded from being left at a cell phone's number to a fax machine somewhere else. It isn't something I run into very frequently, but it does happen and it throws me off a little every time. Also, how often is faxing used these days? Faxing always seemed like something that didn't catch on as greatly as people hoped. Or maybe I've just lived a sheltered life, isolated from the lustrous world of faxing.

There may be changes coming to whatever it is I'm calling an updating schedule nowadays. I'm really going to be shooting for twice a week, even though that hasn't been getting fulfilled as it is. I may change the days it gets updated on, though. Worst case scenario that I'm predicting is one a week, but if that happens I'd very likely be trying to do bigger ones like today's. The spring semester of school has started and I need to see how rough it's going to be adjusting to a normal person's schedule.