123 "Wet Baggage"
November 08, 2011

I always say that I need to get new shoes. Then I remember that I own multiple pairs of shoes, but always happen to wear these particular ones on rainy days. I've had this pair of shoes for at least six years now, and they've served me well. But as you could imagine, six+ years has taken its toll. They're in kind of rough condition. The left one particularly ends up getting super wet if I take a few steps on any considerably wet surface.

I think it does so in such an extraordinary fashion due to the placement of the holes/cracks worn in the soles--each time I take a step, I imagine that air is getting pushed out of one of the holes, which causes a vacuum to pull in any moisture that I may be stepping in. That's most likely an over analysis and isn't happening at all, but I like to imagine that the uncanny rate at which these shoes collect water is due to some kind of science shit going down.