111 "Criminal Behavior"
September 20, 2011

While trying to adjust to my new schedule, Thursday's comic ended up becoming Friday's comic, which eventually became Saturday's comic, and turned into Sunday's comic for a little bit before passing right through Monday to become Tuesday's comic. Depending on the way things go, I might have to temporarily adjust the update schedule (probably to Tues/Fri), but I'll keep you informed on what I decide.

There's been a lot of construction around the university I attend for quite a while. At some places around the construction, they've got slabs of sidewalk ripped up to be replaced. And at those places, there's usually a "sidewalk closed" sign, despite the fact that the sidewalk is perfectly traversable even without a slab on concrete in it. It sort of reminds me of that Mitch Hedberg joke with the broken escalators. You know the one.

Anyway, to whoever is putting out these signs: don't bother. I don't think anyone is actually enforcing them.