103 "All Work and No Play"
August 11, 2011

Sometimes you just have to take a break from the stresses of every day life to sit down and play some Liar's Dice.

Red Dead Redemption is pretty high on my list of favorite video games ever. I rarely get sick of just riding my horse around the open country, and pretty much everything you can do in the game is entertaining in its own way. I've got about 25 hours logged in my game and I'm not even done with the story yet because I spend so much time doing other things between missions. If you haven't played it yet, I highly recommend it.

It was also what introduced my roommates and I to the wonderful game of Liar's Dice, which we had played pretty regularly together for quite a while there.

Multiple people mentioned my gaming comics this past week, pointing out that despite the fact that I had mentioned a few months ago that I didn't want to do gaming comics too regularly as to alienate my non-gamer audience, a vast majority of my audience is probably made up of gamers. To which I responded, "You know, you're probably right about that." So here's another one for you guys.